About Us

Friends, rkpublicschool_data is a great platform, from where a trumpet is blown to resuscitate the Rajasthani film industry or you may say rkpublicschool_data has taken the responsibility to revive the Rajasthani Film industry.  rkpublicschool_data has already started it endeavours in this direction and it is the responsibility of all of us to make our contribution of forte and talent make this mission a grand success.
Friends, let us first know what rkpublicschool_data is and what is its aim & ambitions?  What is the necessity to make Rajasthani film industry prosperous and successful? How would this be a beneficial for us? What changes that would bring forth if the Rajasthani film industry is revived and what efforts we can put-in to make this mission a success?  These questions may haunt you and we need to address them at the beginning.
Friends, focusing on our this anxiety; some of the main points are mentioned here on which not only the people related to Rajasthani cinema but, each and every proud son of this magnificent land have to seriously think upon.

Friends, since the Rajasthan is world famous for its brave kings and in a tribute to the glorious history we named the Rajasthani film industry as ‘rkpublicschool_data’ .